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October 02, 2013 by Daniel Strmečki in Controls

To improve user login and other forms security on applications built with Evolution Framework, we have included a Captcha control. Captcha control is not using any external services, it is implemented in Java using JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) so it provides a server side captcha validity check.


Captcha control can use a list of predefined words or generate random letters (default) depending on its settings. Users have only one option and that is to reload captcha (request new word). A sample for developers of how to use this control is available in Evolution Framework samples section.


The image bellow shows how to drag and drop Captcha control on a form in Evolution Framework Visual Editor.



When used in a form, developers can check whether the user solved Captcha correctly by calling the isSolved function which returns Boolean value. Depending on the returned value, whether Captcha is solved correctly or not, developers can process associated events.


if (Captcha1.isSolved()) {
    alert("Congratulations! You solved captcha!");




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