evolution framework

Design tools

Visual editor
Build web forms quickly and easily in the drag-and-drop editor.
Demo builder
Make a demo of your web application without any coding. Add mockup data to your forms and link them easily.
Block controls
Use predefined form templates and sets of controls.


HTML/AJAX engine
Write only Java code to handle events from the web browser
and don't worry about HTML, CSS, Javascipt and AJAX.
Evolution framework does it all for you.
Code generator
When you save your form in the visual editor, a Java source file with
onClick events is automatically generated, as is a parent Java class
with all objects on form.

Reporting features

Task management

Workflow (BPM) engine

Document management

Charts and visualisations

User management

Rights management

Groups management

Multilanguage support

Deployment and testing

Deploy manager
Upgrade your web application automatically.
System overview
Configure your system through the visual control panel.
Database manager
Check and upgrade the database structure automatically after you deploy a new version of your web application.


Status monitor
Track usage of memory, threads, connection pools
and object cache to see if everything works ok.
Performance report
View daily usage reports and detect what you should speed up to make your application faster.
If something goes wrong,
get all the details to fix it.