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Migration Steps / Service Levels

Migration of legacy Panther forms to Java web forms requires specific knowledge from developers doing conversion in order to get Java forms with all functionalities of old forms.

Success of automatic conversion done by Desktop to Java Web Converter depends on programming style of actual JPL programmer and availability of all required APIs in Java.

Migration process consists of 4 steps as described below. Our migration experts can perform all migration steps for you, or only some steps, depending on your application and wishes.

Step 1: Automatic Conversion

In this step your Panther forms will be converted by the automatic tool called Panther to Java Web Converter. Converter tool will perform two tasks:

  • Initial conversion of Panther layout to layout format editable with Evolution visual form editor,

  • Initial conversion of EJPL form code to Java form code.

Step 2: Getting code to compile

In this step manual correction of errors in Java code, which were not fixed by the converter, must be done. Some JPL API should be moved to Java, e.g. code for printing, using hardware, some other communication, etc.

Step 3: Enhancing user experience (UX)

In this step developers will enhance layout of converted forms in Evolution visual form editor. Typically, we may need to add paging logic to forms with data grids, we will rearrange layout of forms to better fit e.g. high-resolution monitors than 80x25 TUI displays.

Step 4: Testing and deployment

Final testing can be done only by people who are familiar with business domain and business data of actual application.

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