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VIDEO: The Concept of Desktop-to-Java-Web Migration

Automatic conversion of desktop applications to Java web technology

Matija Tomašković talks at Java 2012 conference in Croatia about a concept of painless migration based on powerful Evolution Framework tools. Learn how to use an automatic converter to get your old forms rewritten in Java code and to further edit them and enrich with modern business functionalities.

(video is currently available only in Croatian, we are working on the English version)



The migration of IT department in one of the biggest banks in Croatia was conducted with Evolution Framework, a technology made by Evolva.

How to overcome migration issues

What problems do legacy development team face in the web development is a question of migrating large enterprise system from desktop to web environment. An automatic converter tool preserves advantages of both existing developers and applications which makes it a perfect solution for migration.

An example of conversion

You can see an example of converting Panther form layout and its code to new form in web browser that can be edited in Evolution Framework visual editor.

Live demonstration of an automatic conversion

Converter creates all necessary files from old form, you can compare JPL code with new Java code and immediately edit a new form in a drag-and-drop editor by adding new controls and changing properties. At the end of the video you can also see a quick demo of creating a new form in web-based editor and then in a few seconds already operating in a web browser.

Eliminating complexity of web technologies

Matija explains a concept of migration by showing that developers do not have to worry about AJAX communication with server because it is handled by Evolution Framework. Developers use only a visual form editor and Eclipse IDE for editing forms. To demonstrate the efficiency, Matija shows results of the developers work on converting 18 screens which was done under 16 working hours. Here is also a quick overview of all Evolution Framework tools for each phase of the lifecycle of a business web application.


A migration by using automatic conversion enables conversion of old desktop forms to web environment, while developers use it for learning new technologies. The final goal is a technological and functional modernization of converted applications which allows to completely leave old technologies.