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VIDEO: Desktop2web migration is finished, 700.000+ lines of code is reborn

A case study of the big migration project

This is the presentation that Matija Tomašković, the owner of Evolva and Evolution Framework's author, held at JavaCro'14 conference in Croatia. The concept of automatic conversion was presented at the Java conference in 2012 and now, two years after, Matija talks about lessons learned after the big project of Panther application conversion is successfully done.

(video is currently available only in Croatian)


00:00 - Introduction

A short introduction by Branko Mihaljević, the president of the Croatian Java User Association.

00:35 - How was the whole idea born

Evolva was invited my Privredna banka Zagreb to discuss the problem with thousands of TUI and GUI Panther screens, because they wanted to continue their development in Java web environment. The team set the challenge to create a tool that would automatically convert desktop application layout and code to Java web environment.

03:24 - How does the conversion process work

After describing desktop and web environments, Matija explains the role of the converter in converting both application layout and code, and how does the comparison of an original code and converted code help desktop programmers.

07:56 - 6 phases of the conversion project

A whole migration project was done through 6 phases, starting from the proof-of-concept project all the way to the big migration. You will see project's impressive statistics and test results, as well as a comparison of the Panther form layout before conversion and Java web-based application in Evolution Framework visual editor after the conversion. After that, Matija walks us through all technical and other challenges the team encountered during the project.

19:53 - The situation after the conversion

An overview of powerful Evolution Framework tools that allow the team to work in the efficient Java web environment and further upgrade their converted applications. Visual editor with more than 100 controls and plugins allows to easily create complex screens. Monitoring tools and daily performance reports.