evolution framework

Visual Form Editor

To quickly and easily design hundreds or thousands of forms for your enterprise web applications, you definitely need the visual drag'n'drop form editor.

By using the drag'n'drop technique you can easily add different kinds of basic and advanced controls to the form. That way, complex web applications can be created in no time.


  Drag'n'drop - easy to use

By using the visual form editor, you can design web forms with drag'n'drop technique, even without knowing HTML, CSS and JavaScript at all.

  Rich set of controls and plug-ins

We provide over 80 controls and all of them have great Java API. Furthermore, the visual form editor is expandable with plug-ins that compound its feature set with advanced functionalities such as generating grids from database tables.

  Expandable with new controls and plug-ins

With a control wizard you can easily create new controls and plug-ins, provided that you have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


The visual form editor is implemented to be used directly in a web browser without the need to install any desktop tool.

  Flexibility provided by server-side Java

Because Java is used as a server-side technology, all of its power and flexibility is available to the developer.

  Up-to-date with latest technologies

The Evolution Framework visual form editor is constantly updated with the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and with component libraries like jQuery UI, Bootstrap, Dojo etc.