evolution framework

VIDEO: Evolution Framework demonstration

Speed and simplicity for enterprise web applications

At the workshop held at JavaCro'13 conference in Croatia Matija Tomašković, the author of the Evolution Framework, showed framework's tools in action. You can see how to easily create an enterprise web application and use advanced business components in Evolution Framework. Together with the demonstration of tools for easy deployment and powerful monitoring, you will get a complete insight into the power of Evolution Framework.

(video is currently available only in Croatian, English version is coming soon)

Evolution Framework Overview

Java web framework for efficient development of business web applications

This is a presentation held at Croatian Oracle User Group Conference 2012 in Croatia. In this video you will see an overview of Evolution Framework tools and Matija Tomašković, the creator of the framework, showed how visual tools make a business web application development faster and easier.

(video is currently available only in Croatian, English version is coming soon)


Reasons for developing a powerful framework

Short introduction about why and how the framework was created. Find out how does the visual editor eliminate complex technologies and what are disadvantages of the native web development. Accordingly, you will see why is Evolution Framework the most efficient solution for rich business web applications.

Demonstration of Evolution Framework's tools

A detailed demonstration with questions and answers will take you through a whole lifecycle of an enterprise web application development. You will see Matija using Evolution Framework's tools to design a form in a visual form editor. After defining property values of each control and adding events, see what happens in Eclipse and how does code generator work, while a demo builder lets you get your application demo in just a few clicks. The presentation continues with showing how to open a database connection pool, also an automatic configuration and installation options, after which we will see how to use performance reports for monitoring and optimizing your application performance. Presentation will also introduce you with other advanced options of Evolution Framework like the multilanguage support and a pivot charts for organising a large amount of data in a dynamic chart, while developers will be happy to hear about a control wizard for making their own controls.


Introduction about how we created a framework

A company Evolva, specialized in Java web development, created more than 250.000 lines of code over the years of developing enterprise applications from scratch. 50% of the time was spent on coding user interfaces which clearly showed disadvantages of the native web development. This cognition resulted in building tools that allow developing web applications in the same way that desktop applications are built. Those tools are today known as Evolution Framework.

Business goals achieved by the framework

An efficient framework for enterprise web application development, with advanced business functionalities included, was designed for fast learning of web development and achieving high performances with optimal costs, thus to ensure a painless migration of legacy programmers and the automatic conversion of existing desktop applications.

Demonstration of Evolution Framework tools

Matija showed how to create user interface in drag-and-drop editor without writing any code, while demo builder allows a quick prototyping with 100% reusability of the designed screen. Also, see a quick deployment of the application, done through visual tools, as well as performance monitoring to make your system run faster and better. As it is framework for enterprise level systems, Evolution Framework includes business functionalities for reporting, document management and workflow management.

A complete framework for migration to Java

You can see an example of an old form converted to Java web form in Evolution Framework visual editor. Automatic converter tool converts both layout and code of an old Panther application in order to make a modern web application.