evolution framework

Migration to Web Development

Painless and fastest migration of enterprise desktop applications and teams to Java web environment

Evolution Framework enables developers to start web development quickly without even knowing complex web technologies.

Our tool automatically converts old desktop applications to web forms to be further upgraded with modern components. After conversion, Evolution Framework tools ensure efficiency in
all phases of your web development.

With Evolution Framework migration to Java web development becomes a painless step.
The final goal is to leave the old technology and continue efficient development in a web environment.

Desktop-to-web Converter

Automatic conversion of desktop applications to Java web environment

Our tool converts the old form layout to a new XML format used by Evolution Framework Visual Editor, as well as the old form code to
a new Java form code.

Case Study

How our client migrated its developers and old desktop applications to web technology
read here.

Smart Decisions

  • Protect your business know-how
  • Protect the existing workforce
  • Avoid complex web technologies
  • Don't pause your deliveries
  • You don't need to start from scratch
  • Use the complete framework

3 Easy Steps

  • Convert your desktop forms to Java web applications automatically
  • Use the converter as a learning tool to quickly deliver web forms
  • Develop efficiently with a powerful enterprise-level Java web framework

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